To avoid the boring "I enjoy coffee and travel"-esc About Me page, I will leave you here with this.

Consider doing some good today!

Good umbrella places to gather further information on Wildlife Prosperity or Donate!

My current favorite is the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Based out of Kenya, they allow you to choose which project your donation goes to. Their projects are The Orphans' Project (linked below), Water for Wildlife, Aerial Surveillance, Anti-Poaching, Canine Unit, Community Outreach, Saving Habitats, Eco Lodges and the Veterinary Unit. 

Sponsor an animal!

Next are two initiates that are a bit more lighthearted- Shore Buddies was started by a girl who uses plastic from the ocean to make stuffed animals. Wildlife Connections sells jewelry that comes with a tracking code to track a sea turtle, polar bear or elephant. A portion of their sales are donated to Save the Elephants, Sea Turtle Conservancy, Polar Bear International and Orca Research Trust.