To not include something like this on my personal website seemed like a missed opportunity to spread awareness as well as show off more of my interests. To me this seems much more authentic than a "I enjoy coffee and travel"-esc  About Me page.  After writing every High School and College essay on some variation of Environmental or Animal Activism and implementing those ideas into my personal life, I'd like to use this as my "yes and" to take the next step to cultivate my passion for wildlife prosperity. 

Please consider doing good today for no reason... but also for all of the reasons!
Good places to donate!

Sponsor an animal!

Here are links to two initiates I love. Shore Buddies was started by a little girl who uses plastic found in the ocean to make stuffed animals. Wildlife Connections sells jewelry that comes with a tracking code to track your own turtle, elephant, orca or shark in the wild. 

<3 Hannah